ASSET was set up to carry on the work and ideas which were started by Andrew Simpson (1982-2008).


Andrew was passionate about sport, technology and design - and Sunderland AFC. He was a student of Mechanical Engineering and Product Design at Loughborough University when he discovered that he had a rare form of osteosarcoma (telangiectatic osteosarcoma). It led to the amputation of his left leg.

Andrew refused to be labelled as disabled; he did not want to be seen differently; he wanted a normal life.

While he was mobile, his spirits were high. Sport played a key role. He adapted kit and equipment to suit his new needs; nothing could be found off-the-peg; Designer sportswear non-existent for the young amputee.

Andrew is our inspiration.
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  • Innovation through design

    ASSET supports innovation and research to create new and improve existing equipment for disabled sport and, by way of this, disabled life. Of course our ultimate aim is to make it enabled life. Or just life.

    Andrew was a product design graduate - innovation was his passion and now it's ours.

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  • Calling all crutch users!

    We're looking for long- and short-term crutch users to test one of Andrew's nifty little designs.

    The A-Spring crutch tip has been developed to make crutches more user-friendly. But have we got the design just right? Test it and let us know!

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  • Helping you

    ASSET is intended to help those whose life has changed dramatically through acquired disability by using smart ideas, designs and technology.

    If you have an idea and it falls within our objectives then ASSET would love to help. It all starts with just a simple form....

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